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Coconut, in a nutshell.

“You will find […] that the people you strive so hard to be like will one day reject you because as much as you may pretend, you are not one of their own. Then you will turn back, but there too you will find no acceptance, for those you once rejected will no longer recognise the thing you have become. So far, too far, to return, So much, too much, you have changed. Stuck between two worlds, shunned by both.” – Kopano Matlwa, Coconut

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Be a ‘good’ reader

I don’t like telling people what to do in their lives. It’s not who I am it goes against my philosophy of life and I loathe people who do it to me. But I am going to go against it in this post sort of. Just as a disclaimer I don’t always do these things so do as I write not as I do I guess. 

Have a book case
It makes life so easy even if you are disorganised a book case shows you all the books you have. I think there is nothing worse than books that are in boxes or draws  or worse on the floor. They are not cheap and if you love them you need to treat them with respect and you might buy the same book twice. You laugh. It’s happened. 

Have books in your book case that aren’t yours
You don’t know where they come from, or you do and you have had a fall out with the owner or worse the library stamp is still in it and it’s too late to take it back now. Just one or two though. If these types of books make up most of your library you have a problem. 

If books were people have an outcast. 
So Chris Ryan, Tess Gerritsen, and Tom Clancy, are insperatrable. John Grisham and Frederick Forsyth practically finish each other sentences but sometimes you need the different one to shake things up and make things more interesting. This is when you learn new things, see the world in a different light and become a more interesting, empathetic person. And unlike people your outcast won’t be picked on by Chris Ryan’s crew. 

You book case must be fluid. 
New books must constantly be entering and others must be leaving even if on loan. A book is meant to be read if all your books are stagnant features on your book shelf then they are nothing but decoration. They are hungry libraries praying for new books and there are friends who are aimlessly walking up and down book shop shelves looking for a book to read but finding nothing not knowing the perfect book is on their friends shelf. Stop being selfish. 

Have friends who read.
I always tell people who tell me that you don’t need to go to church to be a Christian that church is not a necessity but a privilege. It’s hard being alone and doing stuff by yourself having people around you who read help you chose something you like, bring you the perfect book at the perfect time, warn you against a book you think you might enjoy but you actually won’t. Having people to share this with is great if you don’t have anyone like that I suggest you could always seek a professional. There are people who work in books stores and love reading.  Go to all the books stores in your neighbourhood till you find one you like. 

So that’s all I can come up with for now. 
If I missed anything that is important to you. I am sorry. (Not really though)
Happy ‘good’ reading everyone. 

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African Science Fiction is real

First of all let me say this is a strange idea I know. As an African girl who grew up with Douglas Adams and Arthur C. Clarke the thought of African science fiction makes me happy and excited and enthusiastic about African literature as a whole. I feel like this genre could change give a whole new flavour to the genre like never seen before. I will never forget Baratunde Thurston’s comment that there are black people in the future because lets be honest if there is one genre that dark skinned people are left out its science fiction. Recently though there has been a bit of affirmative action with black people sprinkled here and there in scifi  movies these days for example Gordon in Solaris (2002) didn’t exist in the Russian Movie or in the Polish book. 

Instead of being added in as a politically correct after thought we are front and center telling our versions of apocalyptic futures and crazy powerful humans or aliens with crazy science that doesn’t exist yet which we should all be scared of. It is done by bringing in African folktales, superstitions, and characters as diverse as this amazing continent.  
Here are some examples:

The Arthur C Clarke award winner Lauren Beurkes 
Zoo city
The Amazon best book of the year winner Nnedi Okorafor
 Who fears death
I am excited to see what will happen in this genre in the future. Who knows maybe a alien ship will land on top of Johannesburg instead of New York. 
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Why you should read Freakonomics


For some this is a useless post. You are one of millions who understand and you can stop reading now. To the rest of you especially my partner in crime these are the reasons why you want to read this book without telling your what’s in the book:

You will think about the decisions you make differently

Freakonimcs is about economics which is the is mainly about humans and why we do what we do. You will realise that many people no matter how educated how smart or how different they are make really interesting, puzzling, amoral and rather stupid decisions. These are not people from another country or people who look different. They look, act and come from the same places you do. They are your friends, your family,  they are you.

You will change the way you argue

One thing about people who read a lot. Is that they think they are always right. There are always urban myths and common misconceptions about how people act that creep into even the most well read people and this book reminds us of that. So the next time you are going into one of these heated debates with someone obviously less intellectual than yourself (obviously) just remember we didn’t always know the world was round.

Others are

It is a terrible reason I know. Peer pressure is the last reason my one should do anything but with 200k likes on Facebook, half a million followers on Twitter and more than 5 million copies sold world-wide how can one not be curious. I like others tend to think the crowd is wrong but it is edging in to mainstream media and conversation for example when Patrick Jane asks a member of Avon Park Playboys season two of The Mentalist  is it true that all drug dealers live with their mothers . If you going to disagree with everyone at least know what you are disagreeing with and the worst that can happen is you know what everyone is talking about.