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Drinking in your 20s

Drinking in your 20s

I like drinking. I like drinking a lot. Not to get wasted or drunk but I love the taste of the alcohol that I drink. A good beer, rum, and whiskey recently. But I have always been worried about being a alcoholic because alcoholics can’t drink and I love drinking (yes love judge me I don’t care). But alcoholics love drinking so am I am alcoholic?

I am going to assume is a worry for most young adults especially because of the excessive amounts that we drink legally as soon as we turn 18 because we can at anytime. We even come up with stupid rules like don’t drink alone because are are aware that we can’t judge ourselves on the amount.
But this article showed me what true alcoholism is. Of you are like this person it’s a good time to find an AA meeting near you. But if you aren’t and fear you are. Get over yourself your have many problems in your life but this is not one of them. I won’t post from the Thought Catalogue often but this one was worth the share. This has changed the way I look at alcohol and true dependency on it. 

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