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African Science Fiction is real

First of all let me say this is a strange idea I know. As an African girl who grew up with Douglas Adams and Arthur C. Clarke the thought of African science fiction makes me happy and excited and enthusiastic about African literature as a whole. I feel like this genre could change give a whole new flavour to the genre like never seen before. I will never forget Baratunde Thurston’s comment that there are black people in the future because lets be honest if there is one genre that dark skinned people are left out its science fiction. Recently though there has been a bit of affirmative action with black people sprinkled here and there in scifi  movies these days for example Gordon in Solaris (2002) didn’t exist in the Russian Movie or in the Polish book. 

Instead of being added in as a politically correct after thought we are front and center telling our versions of apocalyptic futures and crazy powerful humans or aliens with crazy science that doesn’t exist yet which we should all be scared of. It is done by bringing in African folktales, superstitions, and characters as diverse as this amazing continent.  
Here are some examples:

The Arthur C Clarke award winner Lauren Beurkes 
Zoo city
The Amazon best book of the year winner Nnedi Okorafor
 Who fears death
I am excited to see what will happen in this genre in the future. Who knows maybe a alien ship will land on top of Johannesburg instead of New York.