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What woman read.

This might seem like a stupid question but being in a male dominated environment I have noticed that there are very few males I know that are willing to get through a whole book while I have surrounded myself with women who are avid readers. However despite this dynamic in our lives women are seen are the Kardashian, Jersey Shore, Notebook watching romance novel reading ,even if it is not said out loud in these words, are the intellectually inferior sex. But I can count on one hand all my male friends who read, and there is probably three who read more than me. So is the tide changing? Are males dumbing themselves down while females are reading more therefore smarter and becoming intellectually on par with our male counterparts and were we ever inferior in the first place?

I read a lot. I have as many books on my shelf as I do ebooks. I read newspapers, blogs, magazines, e-magazines even magazine’s blogs and the topic will vary from sports, fashion, comics,sci fi, politics, economics to spy novels. But somehow the idea that I wasn’t in love with the Twilight series, Nicholas Sparks or Fifty Shades of makes less feminine somehow and is the information that I am interested in predetermined for me at conception.

Being women’s month in South Africa I ask is it fair to judge ones femaleness what she reads. And what is feminine reading. Are the girls who pass the Cosmo to get to the Gadget magazine the norm and is it about time that magazines who claim to cater to females worry less about celebrities and more about being female in the 21 century.

I feel though that I am in denial. But still I see a culture of woman expecting men to know more and allow men to “talk about the important things” while I compliment you are your dress. I am not saying we live in the 60s. One season of Vegas and Mad Men of other series set in that era will cure you of that insane thought. However, I am not the majority and maybe the fact that most of my girlfriends who are similar to me think that there are occasions where my femaleness does come under fire especially when my hidden copy of Popular Mechanics is found in my room. But the top earning female authors are either romance or erotica the only exceptions is Suzanne Collins with the Hunger Games. Am I saying that this is bad or wrong. No. I do not like to yuk on someones yum but there has to be more to life than our love lives or the lack thereof, how we look, how others look, the colour theme for your wedding or the names of your children.

So I will sit in the corner and read what I like. I may not be in the majority but lets be honest that is not going to change what I read. (At least at night under my covers with a torch). The world is changing after all I did read a review on Dune in Marie Claire or Elle sometime in the past and who knows maybe one day I will get these same girls to read this remarkable book despite the fact that it is science fiction.


2 thoughts on “What woman read.

  1. I hate it when women are pigeonholed! Taste is individual and I feel that my taste in books is separate from my definition of myself as a female. I read whatever looks good. I certainly enjoy reading books which feature strong women in leading roles, but I don’t limit myself to reading those. Many people think that it’s strange that I read books that aren’t considered to be for women (ie pretty much anything in the sci fi genre) but I don’t actually care. There are too many good books out there and why should men read them all? I always feel sorry for people who are closed-minded because I feel as though they miss out on so many cool and wonderful stories.

    I think that female authors are getting braver and having their voices heard for more than just romance and chick-lit. There will be a shift in culture eventually, once women become comfortable enough to break ourselves away from our own stereotypes.

    Great post!

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