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I hate South Africans too (Sad face)

First off I am  South African. Born and raised in what I think is the best city in the world Johannesburg but I hate my fellow citizens. It is strange because I love being South African but when Deputy President of Zambia put a mirror to my people I will tell you now I did not like what I saw.

In the afropolitan magazine Simon Williamson showed the ignorance and arrogance of our people. You would think it would take longer for us to ; forget the role our fellow Africans played in the struggle for our freedom and to support for leaders who disregard democracy at the expense of their citizens. I mean who ever thinks that Zimbabwe genuinely had a free and fair election is so naive you make me want to cry. We have a Home Affairs office that is inept, corrupt, inefficient that it makes life difficult for legal foreigners who have the skills we don’t coupled together with a police force whose primary job is to harass our fellow Africans. I have seen it and experienced it.

But I have to reiterate I love being South African. I love the diversity, I love opportunities, I love the fact that our fellow Africans come here instead of fleeing to the West, I love the flag, and I mean seriously how many national anthems do you know with 4 languages ? (I didn’t think so)

So we need to get over ourselves. Our country is not the fastest growing country in Africa anymore. We have so many of our own problems that are not caused by our neighbours from the North in fact I think that we might even be partly to blame for Africa’s problems by our unwillingness to call out dictators or give help where it is needed. So lets bring ourselves towards ourselves because the better the whole continent does the better it will be for us too. And we are not that amazing. We are pretty cool but a few of us could do with some humble pie every now and then.


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